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Q Da Poet's colorful painting of his explanation


[Produced by Time Travelling Toaster]

Yo, yo

I travel through space and time
I never age, with these rhymes
Trapped between lines on the page
I'm a beast, bout to be released from this cage
From a desk to a stage
See man? I'm a freeman, not a slave
I rather make my own to be paid
Cause' when you paid from another man
That man determines your wage
I rather seek change, like the homeless do
Making moves like the homers do
I'm gonna live, I'm not from Bed Stuy
But I was born to be B.I.G
Only way I know how to be since a kid
I had the same dream Martin Luther King did
And he achieved his
In order for me to get mines I gotta give
My heart and soul, so here I go
Where I end up? Only God knows
But I leave it in his hands
As I travel through space and time
And never age, with these rhymes
I be locked away for days
My words adjust my doors
Escape from this cage
I spend time meditating on these words on the page
Like the creator, watching his creation that he made
My universe, not revolves around this stage

(Well in primitive races
Most fearful things is the gods)


released March 23, 2016
Lyrics copyrighted to Q Da Poet, 2016. Music copyrighted to Time Travelling Toaster, 2016.



all rights reserved


Time Travelling Toaster Kyoto, Japan

Plush soundscapes, ethereal imagery, booming hip hop undertones, all in the same mind of a drug induced state, Time Travelling Toaster brings the soul more than just a listening experience, but seeks to take the soul on a otherworldly travel.

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